Sunday, March 7, 2010


A couple get a divorce and are in negotiations for the custody of their children. The judge asks each of them to defend their reasoning for their rights to sole custody.

The wife replies, 'the children are really mine, i carried them for nine months and spent hours in labor birthing them! He didn't really do anything!' The judge nods thoughtfully, recognizing the validity of her reasoning and asks for the husbands defense.

The husband thinks for a minute and replies, 'Your honor...if you put a dollar into a coke vendor machine and a coke pops out. does that coke belong to you or the machine?'....


This boy has just taken his girlfriend back to her home after being out together, and when they reach the front door he leans with one hand on the wall and says to her, "Sweetie, why don't you give me a blowjob?"

"What? You're crazy!" she said.

"Look, don't worry," he said. "It will be quick, I promise you."

"Nooooooo! Someone may see us, a neighbor, anybody..."

"At this time of the night no one will show up. Come on, sweetie, I really need it."

"I've already said NO, and NO is final!"

"Honey, it'll just be a really small blowie... I know you like it too."

"NO!!! I've said NO!!!"

Desperately, he says, "My love, don't be like that. I promise you I love you and I really need this blowjob."

At this moment the younger sister shows up at the door in her nightgown and her hair totally in disorder. Rubbing her eyes she says:
"Dad says, 'Dammit, give him the blowjob or I'll have to blow him but for God's sake, tell your boyfriend to take his hand off the intercom button so the rest of the family can get some sleep.'"


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cerita yang bermula dengan huruf K :KODOK KAWAN KETAM

Ketam ketip kuku kakinya. Kawan karib Ketam, Kodok, kata kepada Ketam, "Kenapa kau ketip kuku kaki kau, Ketam ... kenapa?" Ketam kata, "Ku ketip kuku kakiku kerana kuku kakiku kelurut ... kakakku kata, kalau kukuku kelurut, kita kena ketiplah!" Kodok kentut kekeliruan. Kodok kata kekalutan, "Kadang-kadang kalau kukuku kelurut, ku ketip kenapa keluar kudis?" Ketam ketawa, "Kah.. kah.. kah.. kah.. kih.. kih.. kih.. kih.. kuh.. kuh.. kuh.. kuh!! Kodok.. Kodok.. kenapa kadar kebodohan kau ketara keterlaluan?" Kodok kata kepada Ketam, "Ketam. Kenapa kau ketawakan ku?" Ketam kilas, "Kelakar." "Kelakar ke kurang-ajar?" kata Kodok. Kerana kemarahan Kodok keterlaluan, Kodok keperok kepala ketam kuat kadar kilat. "kelekuk !", kepala Ketam kehancuran kerana kena keperok Kodok. Ketam kata, "Kodok.. Kodok.. kenapa kau keperok kepalaku? Kan kesakitan." Kesian Ketam. Kerana kurang-ajar, kepala kena keperok.

Cerita yg bermula dengan huruf C :


Catu cenje, ciput cite-cite came copot cambil cari cengkerik. Ciput cuke cite-cite came copot cebab copot cahabat ciput. Cemace ciput came copot cari cengkerik, ciput cakcikan catu cahye cerah. Cahye cerah ciput cakcikan cangat cerah campai ciput came copot cilau. Cahye cerah cube culik copot. Ciput cangat cuak. ciput cepat-cepat camba copot cebelum cahye cerah cempat culik copot. Copot cangat cuak. Ciput came copot cepat-cepat cari chelter cambil cepat-cepat cembunyi. Ciput came copot cembunyi cenyap-cenyap cupaye cahye cerah cucah cari ciput came copot. Ciput cakap came copot, "chuuu... chuuu... cenyap... cenyap copot...". Copot cambung cakap, "copot cudah cenyap... ciput cenyap camelah...". Celepas cejam, cahye cerah cudah chow cebab cucah cari ciput cape copot. Ciput came copot cangat cuke cebab cahye cerah cudah chow. Copot cenyum cambil cakap, "copot cayang ciput cebab ciput celamatkan copot...". Ciput cenyum cambil chow came copot.